Forgiving all that it means to be human

WHB Yolanda Hadid - Forgiveness 2

Nobody is perfect. This applies to our friends, our parents, our significant others, and ourselves. It would be a sad day/month/life to walk around with a cold unforgiving heart, holding onto the “wrong” words, actions, and humanly flaws of others.

When we are unable to forgive, when we are harsh with others, we subconsciously create the space for others to mirror our behaviour. Everything begets everything. Being unforgiving begets others being unforgiving of you.

That does NOT mean doing or saying things we don’t mean just to get what we want (that’s called being manipulative). It takes a STRENGTH to be able to genuinely look within, and see and call out your own behaviours that may be limiting the love, happiness, and freedom you do or could have in your life.

Love begets love; courage, humility, strength, empowerment. And in the face of those who don’t accept your forgiveness, know that it likely has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with what they’re going through.

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